Wednesday, July 23, 2014

High-End Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod Jet Ski

If you want to have some great fun on the sea without worrying that a wave will knock over your surfboard or that your arms will hurt from all the rowing, then you should definitely consider buying yourself a nice jet ski. However, even though jet skis are quite affordable and accessible for the common individual, you’re probably going to want to go with a much more luxurious and head-turning alternative such as the Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod.


Since 2004, designer Marc Newson has collaborated with G-Star RAW on seasonal collections, which have become renowned for architectural constructions, streetwear references and premium fabrications, as well as graphics that convey Newson’s distinctive aesthetic.


Any company’s headquarters is as much of an expression of the brand as it is about harnessing an inspiring work environment. The brand new Beats by Dr. Dre headquarters in Culver City is a 105,000 square feet space that is a result of opening up two industrial buildings.


Some things just go together: white tees and Levi's, Nutella and bananas, Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. Time to add Kate Moss and Stella McCartney to that list. 

Summer Essentials (Laides)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mya DISHES ON Going Vegetarian And Running The New York City Marathon IN "Women's Running"

Mya covers WOMEN'S RUNNING this month where she gets candid about being a vegetarian, working out and why the New York City Marathon is so important to her.  More inside...
We haven't heard much from Mya lately, outside of a few non-credible Jay Z rumors, a few club appearances and the very quiet release of her "With Love" EP.  But Mya fans should know...she's still here!
The "Free" singer covers the August 2014 issue of "Women’s Running" where she talks about going vegetarian and how completing the NYC marathon was her ultimate challenge. Here are the highlights:

VERSACE MEDUSA HIGH SNEAKERS x Young Jeezy & 2 Chainz Fav Kicks

Versace transcends fashion, as its extravagant lifestyle products emulate opulence and luxury that many aspire to. Whether you love or hate the Italian powerhouse, one cannot deny its strong branding and iconography. These Medusa High sneakers might not be the best-designed sneakers around, but it offers a bold statement for those looking to be noticed.

The Swedish Brad Pitt is also the world’s most mysterious model

If you’ve ever Googled “hot guys with beards” (guilty), you’ve likely beheld the fine furry visage of Ben Dahlhaus, the new face of luxury watchmaker Brathwait, a Brad Pitt doppelgänger and perhaps the most elusive viral sensation of all time.
Here’s what we know: he’s stunning, has ear gauges, is Swedish and may be roughly 20 years old. (His Facebook fan page generously offers a nationality and the evocative tidbit “dropping pants since 1994.”)
Curiously, little else is known about the burly gentleman, whose “sad face” has started a minor phenomenon.

{FULL ARTICLE} GQ Magazine: "Kanye West: A Brand-New Ye" X Get ready for some powerful reading

Kanye West has been married for ten days, and he has that new-husband way with the ring still, pulling it on and off like it's something he might yet undo, or do again. The ring is gold, and understated in a way that not much else about Kanye West is. He sits in the lobby of New York's Mercer Hotel—the same hotel where he and Jay Z recorded most of Watch the Throne—reflecting on the distance he's come. "I am a black American male from Chicago," West says, "who had my rehearsal dinner at Versailles and then got married in Florence with a view of the entire city."
He is one year removed fromYeezus, the record that took all of West's prodigious pop gifts and made a show of immolating them one by one. He is one year removed from telling anyone who'd listen that he was going to burn the entire fashion industry down, or at least he would once they let him through the door. Now they kind of have: He's got a capsule collection with A.P.C. out now; a line with Adidas that debuts with footwear this fall; and somewhere off in the distance, a new menswear line. He's also got a new record—maybe even a full-on pop record, though he hasn't decided yet. He knows he is no longer the most popular man in rap. "Currently that spot is taken," West says. "Let's be honest—he got last summer." (Credit: GQ)

Vera Largo Fashion Show @ The Jimmy (The James Hotel)

I had the pleasure of attending the Vera Largo Fashion Show at The Jimmy in Soho. Although I was shocked to see how small the pool was the event itself was grand. With the models on full display Vera Largo showed diversity & elaborate fabrics that were perfect for the rooftop weather. With the breath taking views and the pineapple infused drinks the event was perfection. With companies such as Saks on FifthBloomingdales &  other major retail brands in attendance rest assure this brand will be in stores soon. Most important the clothing was memorable with floral patterns, light well cut blazers, pants with floral knee pad like details & a very powerful "VL" logo in all the right places. I will surely add this brand into my wardrobe & I highly suggest you sign up for their website online launch.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Beyoncé's 10 Most Showstopping Stage Looks

With a little more than a month left of their On the Run tour, Beyoncé and husband Jay Z know a thing or two about putting on a good show. And while Hova may have the hip-hop world’s attention, it’s clear that Bey steals the spotlight where fashion is concerned.

Making an App: 6 Things You Should Consider Before Getting Started

1. Are you making an app to promote an existing business or to make money from it?

Do you want your app to be a promotional tool for an existing business? If your app will showcase your car dealership, boat club, local pub or community centre, then the fastest way to get it done is probably to hire a local app development company to make it for you. You don’t need to learn too much about the process. Just show them some apps that you like in the store, and bring along the text, photos and videos you want in your app. If you can, try to design your app to do something useful. Apple have tightened up a lot and will not publish apps that are primarily marketing material. If you want the most possible downloads, set your app’s price to ‘free’. Then once it’s live tell all your customers about it.
Is your main goal to make money from your app? If you want to make money, the app should not be targeted towards one country. You will not make money by creating an app about the mountains of Scotland. Or the pubs of Ireland. Steer clear of making an app for a seasonal event as well at the start. To maximise your revenue, start small and use your first few apps as a hands on education. You can buy source code, reskin it by updating all the graphics and publish it, often for under $500-$1000 per app. The less you spend, the faster you will become profitable. Ideally spend no more than $500 per app on your first few apps. Researching what is currently popular in the store by looking at the top charts is a great way to reduce risk, and make an app type that already has proven market demand. Of course the more work you can do yourself, the more money you will save on developers.


Let’s be real for a second: Who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Miami, ever? Each year, fashion folks invade the city for a few days at a time—most notably for Art Basel in December, which has become one of the premiere destinations for brands to throw events and position themselves as tastemakers. But, there’s another yearly Miami fashion event that is rapidly growing in scale and in industry cred, and that’s IMG Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, which officially kicks off on Friday.


First Jay Z made the “Song Cry,” and now he’s the one with tears in his eyes. The Roc Nation mogul got emotional while penning his nostalgic verse on Jeezy’s “Seen It All.”


The Aaliyah biopic is back on. After Zendaya dropped out last month, a new starlet has signed on to play the R&B singer in the upcoming Lifetime movie.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, 23-year-old actress Alexandra Shipp will take on the role.
Shipp has starred on Nickelodeon’s “House of Anubis” and appeared on episodes of “Switched at Birth,” “Awkward,” and “Ray Donovan.”
Wendy Williams, who will now serve as executive producer, announced the news Friday on Facebook.